Sylvie is available to teach ''21 Day Yoga Teacher Training Course'' 

Find out what some students from the 2015 Midnight Sun Yoga Teacher Training had to say about their experience right here, here and here and also on the Facebook Do Something! Yoga with Sylvie Boisclair page.

Prerequisite for the Do Something! Yoga Teacher Training Course

Participants need to have a strong desire to learn about all aspects of Yoga, including but not limited to; Yoga philosophy, how to practice and teach the postures (asanas), anatomy, etc.  There is no need to be athletic, thin, muscular, a gymnast, or to master any of the more challenging postures (asanas) to participate in this Canadian Yoga Alliance accredited 200 hours Yoga teacher training.

Do Something! Yoga® Teacher Training Course 2017  

This accredited 200 hours, 21 days, Yoga teacher training course will allow each participant to get a comprehensive and practical approach to teaching Yoga.

The Do Something! Yoga Teacher Training  will have you:

  • Practice teaching Yoga enough so that by the end you will be able to teach Yoga with confidence
  •      Understand how to teach to different types of clienteles at various stages of life.
  • Receive constructive and useful feedback as you acquire skills.
  • Develop awareness on the importance of proper breathing and proper alignment for your students’ and your own practice.
  • Learn ancient yoga philosophy applicable to every day modern life and while teaching Yoga.
  • Find purpose and answers as to why you want to teach yoga
  • Learn to use your creativity to develop sensible, coherent and harmonious yoga routines.