Movement arts with Sylvie

Past Event

December 16, 2018: "A day at the Ashram". A full day of classes, lectures on yoga philosophy" at Sun Yoga, Edmonton. 

November 15-December 15, 2018: Teach Yoga Classes and workshops at the Sivnanada Yoga Retreat. 

November14, 2018 A day at the Ashram. At Sun Yoga Edmonton, Canada 

July 6-7, 2018: Classes de Yoga durant les festivités à la fête Franco-Albertaine. 

May-June, 2018: Teach Yoga classes and 20 important spiritual instructions from Swami Sivananda. Sivananda Yoga Retreat Bahamas


November 6-11, 2017: Fine Tune your Asanas-Postures, Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat, Bahamas.

ovember 2-5, 2017 - 20 important spiritual instructions by Swami Sivananda, Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat, Bahamas

October 21-27, 2017: Sivananda Yoga Teacher Renewal, Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat, Bahamas

October 12-20:  Teach Drop-in guest classes & workshops at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat, Bahamas.

Coming soon 

A NEW and improved website

A message from March 22, 2019: 

I have been keeping busy with gathering a group of creatives so we can work together on a new website that will better reflect everything I am interested in and want to offer.

Expected launch: May 2019

Meanwhile, I am still teaching some movement arts classes, a little classical hatha yoga and also participating in fascinating dance workshops. 

Here's what's coming up:  

  • Every Tuesday from noon to 1pm I teach a beginner classical ballet class at La Girandole, Edmonton Canada.
  • From April 10-21, 2019: As a student I participate in Butoh College 2019: Spring Semester, Water in the Desert, Portland, Oregon, USA.
  • On April 28, 2019 I will be teach a whole day of yogic techniques and philosophy titled, A day at an ashram, at Sun Yoga, Edmonton, Canada.

...More past events...

August 1-24, 2017: Hay River Yoga Teacher Training 2017 from Do Something! Yoga - Hay River, Canada.

July 2-25, 2017: Midnight Sun Yoga Teacher Training 2017 from Do Something! Yoga - Yellowknife, Canada.

June 6-18, 2017: Yoga Teacher Reunion 2017 - Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat, Bahamas.

April 25-30, 2017: Butoh College 2017. Training with Yuko Kaseki - Portland, Oregon, USA

March 16 - April 16, 2017 Teach Do Something! Yoga & Budokon & Sivananda Yoga- Paradis Plage Yoga, Surf and Spa Resort, Morocco, North Africa.

March 4, 2017 Introduction to Budokon Yoga 3 hour Workshop - Mile Zero Dance, Edmonton


December 12-16, 2016: Winter Performance Intensive - Ongoing Seeking, Mile Zero Dance, Edmonton - Canada.

Oct. 29-Nov 1: Yoga Teacher Practicum - Sivananda Yoga Ashram, Paradise Island, Bahamas

October 22-28: Yoga Teacher Renewal - Sivananda Yoga Ashram, Paradise Island, Bahamas

August 15-19, 2016: 5 day Intensive Butoh Workshops with Diego Piñón at Mile Zero Dance - Edmonton, Alberta

August 3-14, 2016:  10-Day Course Vipassana Meditation at Dhamma Karuna, Youngstown, Alberta

July 3-26, 2016: (200 hour) Midnight Sun Yoga Teacher Training - Do Something! Yoga - Yellowknife, NT, Canada 

June 24-26: Evolution of Flow - Ashtanga Rocket Yoga Teacher Training -  Empowered Yoga - Edmonton, AB

April 1-3: Yoga on Campus Program- Faculty of Teachers - University of Maryland Eastern Shore, USA

March 22-25: Butoh College 2016. Training with Hiroko and Koichi Tamano - Portland, Oregon, USA

March 16-20: 50h Budokon® Yoga Primary Series Teacher Training - with Cameron Shayne - Miami Beach, USA

February 15-20, 2016: Bhakti Stories from the Bhagavata Purana with Edwin Bryant (ongoing training)- Sivananda Ashram, Bahamas

February 2-5, 2016: Fine-Tune your Asana Practice Workshops - Teacher- Sivananda Ashram, Bahamas.

January 4-31, 2016: Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training Course - Asana Teacher - Sivananda Ashram, Bahamas.


October 31-Nov.3: Sivananda Yoga Teacher Practicum-Sivananda Ashram, Bahamas.

October 24-30: Sivananda Yoga Teacher Renewal-Sivananda Bahamas Ashram, Bahamas

October 18-22: Yoga on Campus Program-University of Maryland Eastern Shore, USA

June 26- July 16: Do Something! Yoga Teacher Training Course, Yellowknife, NT, Canada

June 26-28: Midnight Sun Yoga Festival, Yellowknife, NT, Canada

May 2015: Yoga Teacher Training Course - Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat, Bahamas

Feb 19-25: Northern Lights Buddhism & Yoga Event with Venerable Lama Tenzin Yignyen, ordained Monk by His Holiness Dalai Lama. Yellowknife, NWT, Canada. 

Feb 3-6: Introduction to Sivananda Yoga Course, Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat, Bahamas

Jan 3-31: Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course, Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat, Bahamas